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Jul 18, 2016
Teamwork on Ice Leads to Championship

Arthrex ScorpionsSuits by day, jerseys by night... Did you know Arthrex has their very own hockey team? As a matter of fact, the team's the best in their league! On May 22, the Arthrex Scorpions won their championship game against the Mighty Ducks after a tough four-month season. The Arthrex Scorpions prove to work together well as a team in the office as well as on the ice.  

"We have grown closer both on and off the ice with this team,” said Arthrex Scorpion player and Global Medical Education VP Chris Adams, MD. “You couldn't ask for a greater group of guys. Just like at work, you have to work as a team to accomplish your pun intended. We wear the Arthrex jerseys every week with pride.”

The Scorpions play each Sunday in the adult hockey league at Germain Arena with no stop between seasons. The team's currently in first place again this season!