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Feb 8, 2024
Arthrex Syndesmosis TightRope® XP Implant System Making Sports Headlines For Helping Athletes Recover From Ankle Injuries

The innovative Arthrex Syndesmosis TightRope® XP implant system is making headlines across the world, helping surgeons to return elite athletes and weekend warriors to activity following ankle injuries.

This unique surgical device is designed to support early weight-bearing and accelerated rehabilitationwith improved patient outcomes compared with screws2.

The Syndesmosis TightRope XP implant has received several mentions in sports media in recent years, including:

  • Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, formerly of University of Alabama

  • NFL draft prospect and University of Georgia tight end Brock Bowers

  • New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

  • Cleveland Browns wide receiver Cedric Tillman, formerly of University of Tennessee

  • Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett

  • Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard

  • Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp

Since 2005, Syndesmosis TightRope XP has been implanted in over 700,000 ankle procedures. Learn more about this minimally invasive surgical technology on OrthoPedia Patient.

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