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Apr 15, 2024
Medscape/WebMD Article Highlights Arthrex UCL Repair with InternalBrace™ Calling it “The Suture Of The Future”

Arthrex’s game-changing solution for one of the most common elbow injuries in athletes of all ages and levels of play continues to make headlines with a recent story in Medscape Medical News.

The WebMD-owned news outlet highlighted the Arthrex UCL repair with the InternalBrace™ system in a March article, calling it “the suture of the future.” 

Arthrex Senior Product Manager Allen Holowecky shared insight with Medscape on why UCL InternalBrace is an innovative alternative to Tommy John surgery. 

"If the patient's ligament is generally 'good' with only a tear, the InternalBrace technique may be used to augment the repair of the native ligament. On the other end of the spectrum, if the patient's ligament is torn and degenerative, the surgeon may opt to do a UCL reconstruction using an auto or allograft — i.e., Tommy John surgery," Holowecky told Medscape. "Before UCL repair, Tommy John surgery was the only real treatment option. We tend to see repairs done on younger patients since their ligament hasn't seen years of use-damage." 

Read the full story on to learn how Arthrex’s innovative repair technique is helping patients in their recovery.