Vet Stories

May 31, 2024
Beloved Dog Willow Recovering from Ill-Fated Jump, Thanks to Arthrex Innovation

By all accounts, Poodle-mix Willow is a lucky little dog. After she was picked up as a stray on the streets of San Pedro, California six years ago, she landed in a loving home with Arthrex Vet Systems Medical Education Operations Manager Ashley Bouhebent, her husband and two other rescue dogs.

Today, they live on acreage in Colorado and enjoy the good life – and the occasional pup cup from Starbucks.

So, when Ashley was traveling for work and got the call from her husband that Willow was limping after leaping off a five-foot high retaining wall in their backyard (which was caught on their security camera), Ashley knew just who to call.

Kevin McAbee, DVM, DACVS, with Spire Canine Orthopedics in Windsor, Colorado diagnosed Willow with a complete rupture of her cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), equivalent to the human ACL, and a torn medial meniscus.

“Luckily, they live close by, and we were ready to act surgically, within the next day,” Dr. McAbee said. “Willow presented with an acute rupture of her CCL, which is very, very painful and she could not put weight on it. It is more common to see a degenerative injury in small dogs, but in this case, it was a traumatic injury.”

Dr. McAbee operated on Willow, using a 2.0 mm TPLO plate, the InternalBrace technique, VetSuture and JumpStart® antimicrobial wound dressing.

“Willow’s prognosis is excellent,” Dr. McAbee said. “She should recover fully within 12 weeks.”

After 11 years of working at Arthrex, including as a former vet agency owner and as a regional manager for Arthrex Vet Systems, Ashley said she fully trusts Dr. McAbee and the Arthrex products he used for Willow.

“We are so lucky to work with consultants who are like friends,” she said. “I am so proud to work for Arthrex. The fact that [President and Founder] Reinhold Schmieding was willing to invest in veterinary medicine and develop products that are as good as what we produce for humans is just incredible.”

And Ashley says while she hoped her beloved dogs would never need them; she is so grateful that Arthrex products were available when Willow was injured.

“These dogs are my family and it’s amazing that we can offer them the same kind of medicine that we would for our kids.”

As for Willow, she is doing so well, Ashley says the hardest part of her recovery is holding her back so she can continue to heal.

“She immediately tried to climb back up that retaining wall,” Ashley laughed. “We have baby gates all over to keep her contained, but she’s going to be good as new when she’s healed.”