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Apr 19, 2024
Two-Time Masters Champion Bernhard Langer 'Encouraged' in Comeback After Arthrex PARS Achilles SpeedBridge Repair

Arthrex innovation for Achilles repair is helping PGA Champions Tour legend Bernhard Langer get back on the golf course.

The decorated champion is preparing for the PGA Champions tour after Chris Hodgkins, MD, fixed Langer’s torn Achilles using the Arthrex PARS Achilles Midsubstance SpeedBridge™ repair.  

The 66-year old golfer was inspired by NFL star Aaron Rodgers’ speedy recovery from the same procedure utilizing SpeedBridge, saying “that encouraged me that I may be able to do something similar.”

“My goal was always to be the best that I could be,” said Langer.

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Achilles Midsubstance SpeedBridge repair combines the minimal incision PARS technique with 2 SwiveLock® anchors into the calcaneus for a knotless repair. This procedure eliminates the weakest part of an Achilles repair, the knots, by using interference fixation of the suture after reapproximating the tendon rupture. The PARS technique or a traditional repair can be used on the proximal stump and then the suture is passed percutaneously through the distal stump to the Achilles insertion site. By eliminating the knots, the repair may provide additional strength than the traditional open repair while limiting wound issues with a small incision.

Following the procedure, the surgeon may choose to put JumpStart® antimicrobial wound dressing over the repair. Embedded within the dressing are microcell batteries made of silver and zinc, which generates an electrical current and kills a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria to help reduce the risk of infection.