Vet Stories

Jan 18, 2017
"She's Completely Healed!" Abigail Recovers from Dogfighting Injury

AbigailGood news for Abigail, the three-year-old pit bull mix used as a bait dog in a Miami dogfighting ring—her wounds have completely healed! Dr. T.J. Jackson says “Abigail has healed up quite nicely. All of the stitches are out and there will be no more revision procedures.”

Abigail’s ear and half of her face were torn off and rescuers brought her to Pets First Wellness Center in Estero last November. Arthrex Clinical Specialist Michelle Chargot saw the story on the news and she, along with Orthobiologics Product Manager Vicki Bryant, donated JumpStart™. Arthrex’s antimicrobial bandage played a crucial role in treatment by generating tissue before a skin graft. Now, Dr. Jackson says Abigail is doing really well and there is little to no long-term care management with her wounds.

Rescuer and foster mom, Victoria, says the next step is to get Abigail spayed within the next two months and then she can be put up for adoption. She adds “Abigail is doing so well! I love, love, love her so much and want to adopt her, but she needs a story and a ‘happy tail ending’ of her own.”

We’ll keep you updated as Abigail looks forward to finding a permanent home.