Vet Stories

Dec 2, 2016
Arthrex Product Helps Jump-start Dog's Recovery

AbigailAn innovative Arthrex product is helping Abigail, a three-year-old pit bull mix, in her recovery after she endured horrific facial injuries in a Miami dogfighting ring. Clinical Specialist Michelle Chargot saw Abigail’s story on the news earlier this month and recognized the Estero, FL vet treating her, Dr. T.J. Jackson. Michelle worked with Orthobiologics Product Manager Vicki Bryant to donate JumpStart™, an antimicrobial bandage, to help treat Abigail’s wounds. They were severe—half of her face, along with her ear, was torn off. Rescuers think she was probably used as a bait dog—a dog used to test another dog’s fighting instinct.

AbigailDr. Jackson says when he first saw Abigail she had an infection and a lot of scar tissue, in addition to the wound. He used JumpStart a few days into treatment and was “blown away” because healthy tissue appeared within just 48 hours and he was able to do a skin graft. Now, Abigail is wearing brightly colored “bonnets” while she heals to help protect the wound from scratching or rubbing. 

As of Friday, Dr. Jackson says there's no sign of infection and he'll be evaluating the skin graft soon. He's spent a lot of time with Abigail and says she's a sweet dog and he is feeling good about her progress. Arthrex Vet Systems and Orthobiologics employees are also hopeful about her treatment and plan to visit her soon. It's a heartwarming story that's getting a lot of attention, in fact Arthrex's donation was recently featured in the Naples Herald

If you'd like to help, you can donate to Abigail's gofundme account. Before you click, be aware the pictures are graphic.We'll keep you updated on Abigail's progress.